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Schedule your Free 1-on-1 consultation now!

One on One Consultation

Free One-on-One Consultation

45 Mins


Why A 1:1 Consultation?

First of all, we do NOT invite everybody. We only invite our ideal clients when we are 100% certain we can help them reach their goals. Why do we do that? 1/ To only invite cool peeps into our beautiful tribe (see the pic?) 2/ To set you up for success 3/ Because we have a reputation to keep 💪

What's Going to Happen?

We will get to know you, your struggles and understand your goals and dreams. This helps us know if you could be a fit for one of our programs, and if yes, which one (we don't have a one-size-fits-all program, we customize the program based on your goals).

How It Works?

All you have to do is show up. We'll take a whole hour to chat, perform a body composition analysis and a quick fitness evaluation so we can prescribe the best program for your needs.

What To Bring?

Yourself, and a positive attitude 😊 Also your workout clothes, a towel and some water.

Did you see our address?

Make sure you check where we're located :)



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